Business Park

Eeser Gaard Businesspark


Eeser Gaard is the southern main entrance to Eeserwold. Medium-sized and large businesses will be located here.

No more than 60% of the entire area is constructible. This not only emphasizes the open character of the business park, but also offers the possibility to give every company its own identity. Together with the building plan a garden-/facilitiesplan needs to be presented in order to achieve a certain uniformity of the image that represents a high quality business park.

The maintenance of this green area can be accomodated collectively and centrally at the parkmanagement through an additional package.



Both main access roads


Here also medium-sized companies will be located. Architecture will be executed in a slightly business-like stile. The buildings will have an open character towards the public roads.          Preference has been shown for an architectonical image made mainly out of wood at the front (woodprint possible).   


The curved avenues


Although also in this case preference has been shown for transparent facades, there's the question of a downward sloping range with regard to both previous areas. The scale size of the companies, especially in the area in the direction of the Eeser Estate, could be smaller here.  


The boulevard along the lake


With the architectonical development of the constructions the representative character of this area along the lake and the view of and from the A32 motorway will be higly considered. The front of the buildings need to have a transparent character and the materials used need to be made out of glass, metal and wood.   



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